We want to leave a healthier world for our children.

Our values and goals

We want our children to have a future worth living — socially just and ecologically intact.
A world in which everyone has access to financial security and provision.
And we want our actions to make a significant contribution to these goals.

That is our vision and our incentive. That is why Ferantur stands for business models that have a positive impact on the social and ecological health of our society.


Our products

Together for life and property protection. This idea unites all Ferantur AG partners, and is reflected in our product world. We are creative and disruptive and develop new solutions that contribute to improved security for broad sections of the population.


Our approach

We rely on technology and humanity. The technological revolution in the financial industry is meeting rapidly changing customer expectations. We take responsibility for ensuring that, despite all progress, people remain the measure of all things.


Our ecosystem

The companies involved in Ferantur have come together as a community of values. The offers of our network of excellence complement each other, forming an ecosystem that allows customers to navigate effortlessly and individually for a uniquely positive experience.


We are committed to taking responsibility

We are a participant and supporter of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance. We stand for life and property protection and are committed to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Together we pursue the vision of a sustainable global economy for the benefit of all people.


For more innovation between Germany and Asia

Ferantur AG is not only doing business in Asia, it is also committed to German-Asian economic relations and, in particular, to innovative start-ups who want to excelerate their business with the other side. Therefor, Ferantur and its board member Daniel Horenburg have joined German Entrepreneurship Asia as a consultant.

German Entrepreneurship Asia (GEA) is an organisation that specialises in building structures to promote innovation and works with governments, established companies and start-ups to achieve this. GEA supports the growth of German and Asian startups by entering new markets in order to develop them into internationally recognised, successful companies. An important goal of GEA is the promotion of ecosystems for innovation in Asia and Germany.